Increased dry strength with Kemira's FennoBond 4000

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Increased dry strength with Kemira's FennoBond 4000

Executive Summary

FennoBond 4000X is a new hydrogel dry strength agent (HDSA) which increases paperboard strength properties by 10-20%. In grades such as testliner, fluting, coreboard, grey board and gypsum board, FennoBond has been proven to increase CMT, SCT and mullen burst strength at equal grammage.

Thus, for the first time, FennoBond gives board makers the cost advantages of either going to a lower grammage, while retaining strength specs, or using a higher percentage of lower-quality recycled paper for cost savings on fiber.

Simply put, you can get higher strength from your existing furnish or the same strength from a cheaper furnish. The result is cost savings and a better competitive position!

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