Mill Manager

Khanna Paper is one of the most respected and largest recycled mill group in India, we have 4 paper machines on 100 acres that manufacture News print, Board, and fine paper.A great opportunity exists for the right candidate at our facility situated in Amritsar, India, this individual will need to be adventures and relocate at least for two to three years in this beautiful area (home of The Golden Temple).

Mill Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling all manufacturing operations and support functions. This individual is responsible for achieving and maintaining the lowest possible costs of operations and optimum profit levels consistent with customer requirements, company policies, effective employee relations including safety and various governmental regulations. The Mill Manager will be responsible and accountable to the Company Director for the fulfillment of the Mill objectives.

Responsibilities and duties:

1.Effectively manages all production and support functions at the mill to ensure prompt and economical receipt of needed materials and supplies, and timely delivery of finished products to customers that meet or exceed quality specifications and requirements.

2. Guides management staff in establishment of shift standards and operating schedules.

3. Monitors and appraises regularly and systematically the effectiveness of plant operations, including effectiveness of equipment utilization, to ascertain that full advantage is taken of all opportunities to further the objectives of the plant.

4. Monitors raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods inventories and ensures conformance with prescribed levels.

5. Keeps abreast of new production techniques and processes and machinery developments and recommends to the Company Directors changes to improve quality, efficiency and overall profitability of mill operations.

6. Maintains proper relationships with Customer Relations department to clarify technical details of production and to ensure efficient order entry, manufacture and delivery of finished products to meet customer requirements.

7.Provides fiber feedback/recommendations to the buying unit

8. Must comprehend the cleaning equipment capabilities and able to make recommendations to management regarding equipment upgrades and fiber recommendations.

Education/ Experience Request:

  • Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience in a fast pace paper manufacturing environment
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience¬† in the paper industry
  • Previous management experience in a paper facility is a plus
  • Experience with mill organization and layout, material flows, and process design
  • A bachelor's degree in Engineering (chemical, paper science or Mechanical) is preferred

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

  • Ability to understand and apply corporate policies and procedures
  • Attention to detail a must
  • Must have a firm understanding of both the de-inking process, the wet end and the dry end of a paper machine
  • Good oral and written communication skills to effectively interact in person or otherwise with management, other employees.
  • Strong analytical, trouble shooting and decision making skills
  • Strong Leadership / Coaching ability
  • Strong understanding of mill production equipment
  • Strong people skills for managing and motivating employees
  • Experience working the extensible paper grades is highly preferred

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