Proco Products, Inc. - The Expansion Joint & Check Valve People

The industry's widest selection of flexible connectors, expansion joints and rubber duckbill check valves are available from PROCO Products, Inc.

Supplier of Rubber, PTFE®, Metal, and Fabric - PROCO connectors are installed between the anchor points of a piping/ducting system or next to mechanical equipment such as: Pumps, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Blowers, Fans, Absorption Machines, etc. Different PROCO expansion joints can be specified to: (1) Absorb Pipe Movement/Stress, (2) Reduce System Noise, (3) Isolate Mechanical Vibration, (4) Compensate Alignment/Offset, (5) Eliminate Electrolysis/Electrolytic Action, (6) Protect Against Start-Up/Surge Forces.

Space saving, PROCO Expansion Joints and connectors have been engineered for tough demanding, industrial and commercial applications as found in: Air Conditioning-Heating and Ventilating Systems, Chemical-Petrochemical and Industrial Process Piping Systems, Power Generating Plants, Steel Mills, Marine Services, Pulp/Paper Systems, Water-Wastewater-Sewage and Pollution Control Systems, where "pipe loops" may have been previously used or specified.

Our history in the Expansion Joint industry dates back to 1930. We are members of the Fluid Sealing Association-REJ Division, NAHAD, WEF & AWWA; your assurance that Proco supplies Expansion Joints according to association standards, certifying a quality product. When you need an engineered flexible connector for piping/ducting system problems, contact PROCO.