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Many customers have tested trona and sodium bicarbonate in Dry Sorbent Injection, and independent plant trials confirm - they work! In the business of air pollution control for over 25 years, SOLVAir Solutions has the products and the technical know-how to use them efficiently. Our most recent pilot plant tests demonstrate over 99% reduction of HCl using dry injection of trona or sodium bicarbonate in the presence of moderate levels of SO2 - a major step forward in meeting the HCl limit in the new MATS!

SOLVAir Solutions works with pulp & paper mills to help determine which air pollution control system could work for you. For in-depth information on our products and services, check our updated website,, for case studies, technical data sheets, papers, presentations, and videos.

SOLVAir Select Sodium Bicarbonate

A Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) system which utilizes Select 300 sodium bicarbonate might be exactly what your mill needs. Considered BACT in the EU for treating HAPs, sodium bicarbonate works here too!

Select 300 sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acid gases very rapidly, especially SO2, and is able to achieve very high pollutant removal rates when used in a properly designed DSI system.As the sodium bicarbonate enters the hot flue gas stream, it is rapidly converted to sodium carbonate particles with greatly increased surface area and porosity. Select 300 is particularly versatile because it is effective over a wide range of operating temperatures.

SOLVAir Select Trona

Used as a dry sorbent injected into DSI systems, Select 200 trona forms a safe, non-corrosive waste product that will not damage equipment.

Utilizing simple chemistry, trona effectively removes a variety of acid gases. In temperatures above 275°F, it is readily transformed into soda ash (sodium carbonate). Soda ash then reacts with the acids to form neutral sodium salts.

Both Select 200 trona and Select 300 sodium bicarbonate remove SO2, SO3, and HCl at higher rates than lime. Field testing shows removal rates of SO2 over 90%. Trona or sodium bicarbonate routinely achieve HCl removal of 95-99%. In addition, either of these products can help remove 20-70% Hg when used alone in high sulfur environments, and over 90% when used in combination with activated carbon.

Product Availability and Support

If concerns are on your mind about the availability of sodium sorbents, we can assure you that product is available for dedicated customers. Located in Green River, Wyoming, our trona mine is situated on the largest trona deposit in the world. This site is estimated to hold as much as 47 billion tons of trona. If you would like to discuss HCl, SO2, SO3, Hg or HF problems, or for more information on how SOLVAir Solutions can help with new regulations, give us a call at 800-765-8292 or email