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TRANSCRIPT: Minerals Technologies – 2Q 2014

OAKLAND, CA , Aug. 14, 2014 (RISI) - 

The transcript of Minerals Technologies' second quarter 2014 conference call on Aug. 8, 2014, with CEO Joseph C. Muscari, is now available at Seeking Alpha.

EXCERPT: We've doubled our size, and are now a $2 billion company with an even greater global reach. Because of this increase in critical mass, we now have a stronger foundation for future growth. We're the world leader in 2 specialty minerals products: precipitated calcium carbonate for the paper industry; and bentonite, an exceptionally versatile mineral with multiple applications in worldwide markets. This combination makes us an even more formidable, U.S.-based international specialty minerals supplier. Both companies are research-based organizations that have expertise in mineralogy, fine particle technology and polymer chemistry. We believe that together, our scientists can leverage this expertise to accelerate commercial development of differentiated new products, faster than each entity could have accomplished alone. In the past, MTI had competed in the highly cyclical end markets of paper, steel, automotive and construction. This acquisition gives us access to the environmental, energy and consumer products markets, and provides MTI with a broader, less cyclical portfolio of products. Another benefit of the combination of the 2 companies is strong cash flow generating capability, just as you see this quarter, which is a key aspect of our strategy to reduce debt quickly.

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