Timberland Intelligence

Gain an in-depth understanding of global forest ownership and investments with RISI’s Timberland Intelligence offerings.

RISI’s Timberland Intelligence offers a global perspective on changes in timberland ownership. It includes an intuitive database of profiles and information on over 1000 companies and TIMOs in over 80 countries. In addition, the service delivers expert insight on pending and potential US timberland transactions, as well as coverage on global regulatory and government issues, and trends in forest utilization and conservation.

Clients using our Timberland Intelligence find they are able to more fully understand potential timberland investment opportunities and resource availability worldwide. With consolidated and objective information on timberland ownership and investments you will save time and resources while finding new opportunities in the market.

RISI’s Timberland Intelligence includes:

  • International Timberland Ownership and Investment Database
  • Timberland Markets Service
  • Special Market Analysis Studies
  • Private Consulting Engagements

International Timberland Ownership and Investment Database

RISI’s International Timberland Ownership and Investment Database is the most comprehensive review and database of global forest ownership and international timberland transactions available. The Database tracks activities of major owners and investors in timberlands across all of the major timberland producing regions of the world.

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Timberland Markets Service

RISI’s Timberland Markets service  helps you keep up with North American timberland markets, transactions and the impact on wood flows, forest utilization and conservation. With weekly and a bi-monthly updates, you’ll find out what’s happening, why it’s occurring now and what the implications are for the forestry, investment and environmental communities. RISI’s Timberland Markets Service includes:

  • Timberland Markets Report – detailed market commentary on major North American timberland transactions as well as issues affecting the market.
  • North American Timber News Service – the only comprehensive news service dedicated to the North American timber industry
  • U.S. Timberland Sales Database – a database containing over ten years of timberland sales information for virtually every major transaction over the past decade
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Special Timber Market Studies

RISI’s timber economists produce timely special market analysis studies which provide intelligence, insight and in many cases forecasts of key markets or happenings in the global timberlands markets. Some recent global timberland studies include:

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Private Consulting Engagements

RISI’s team of timber economists is available to provide additional and in-depth insight on the topics most important for your business. We offer private consulting options for clients subscribing to the Timberland Intelligence Service. [Add in more of what the economists come back with]

Featured Economist

Bob Berg

Principal Economist, Economic Analysis

Bob Berg has spent over 25 years following the North American solid wood markets, specializing in price forecasting. Bob is a founding member of RISI and built many of its solid wood and engineered lumber models along with segments of the timber and panel models. During his tenure from 1985 to 2007, Bob mentored many of the economists following the North American lumber markets. In 2007 he left RISI to pursue other wood market opportunities, but returned to RISI in 2009.

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All of the 25 largest forest products companies rely on RISI market intelligence.
Charles Rutstein CEO, RISI
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