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  • Voith launches new Kinetic hybrid press felt

    The newly developed Kinetic hybrid press felt from Voith differs from conventional press felts through its combination of a woven base structure and a non-woven yarn structure. Its modular design gives paper manufacturers the possibility of fulfilling their requirements for dewatering performance and sheet quality at the More

  • NewPage R&D facility in Wisconsin solves papermaking problems [From the web]

    Sherlock Holmes, Dick Tracy, Miss Marple, Columbo, Jessica Fletcher and Jethro Gibbs. Fictional detectives who use intelligence, curiosity, instinct and style to solve a mystery. These characteristics are on display on a daily basis by the staff of the NewPage Research and Development facility. The Research and More

  • Voith to supply three paper machines for packaging and graphic paper production to Sun Paper in China

    Sun Paper has commissioned Voith with the delivery of three paper machines for production of packaging and graphic paper. The Chinese company is thus relying on Voith's proven components and modules. This order continues the successful partnership between Sun Paper and Voith. With a wire width More