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Introducing Experion MX - Integrated QCS for Paper Machines

by Thomas H. Steele

It?s commonly heard today to Do More With Less. That means greater productivity, better product quality, but at a lower cost using fewer resources including raw materials, labor, and energy.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help meet this mandate is to modernize an old Quality Control System (QCS). While steady-state control performance is essential, the elimination of waste during transitions such as grade changes and break recoveries is where significant economic gains can be achieved. As production rates rise ? stretching the design capacity of the paper machine ? QCS technology holds the key to improving production efficiency and quality.

Recent years have seen a number of developments in quality measurement and control, which are targeted directly at areas of concern for all paper producers.

Keeping legacy systems running is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. Components are increasingly hard to get, repair costs can be high and more frequent. Couple these hard costs with the lost opportunity cost that a new system can bring and migrations become easy to justify.

The following whitepaper describes paths for migrating legacy systems to newer technology, such as Experion MX.

Papermaking facilities migrating to the Experion MX solution may choose to: 1) maintain existing scanners and only upgrade the front-end and signal processing components of their QCS, or 2) upgrade both the scanners and the QCS platform.

Download the whitepaper for more information on the possibilities and benefits of QCS migration.

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