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ABB's New High-Performance Infrared (HPIR) Moisture Sensor

by ABB

ABB, the pioneer in Quality Control Systems, introduces its new High-Performance Infrared (HPIR) moisture sensor for their QCS800xA Quality Control System (QCS). Intended as a replacement for the very popular HemiPlus moisture sensor, the HPIR is designed to improve the performance and reliability of both new and existing ABB QCS systems. It is the latest step in ABB's 50-plus year history of providing innovation to the pulp and paper industry.

With HPIR, papermakers can have more confidence in the precision of their moisture measurement. They can achieve tighter CD control, and faster start-ups and grade changes. Papermakers can shift their moisture targets closer to acceptable quality limits, saving energy and reducing fiber costs while remaining within the paper grade's quality specifications. The increased precision comes from several technical breakthroughs in the design that significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio and the measurement rate of the sensor.

The new HPIR moisture sensor enhances performance of ABB Quality Control Systems and overall efficiency of papermaking process.

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