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Microstickies Removal and 4th Generation Screen Cylinders

by Wes Martz

In 2009, Kadant published a study presenting the characterization and removal strategy of small stickies, referred to as ministickies in our study. One of the conclusions, based on mill surveys and several pilot plant trials, was that the screening efficiency of ministickies is low and some technologies were better than others for removing ministickies. Since that initial study, a 4th generation of screening cylinders has been introduced to the market. This 4th generation of screening cylinders features highly engineered wedge wire cylinders with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

Kadant investigated the screening capabilities of 4th generation cylinders offered by major equipment suppliers and evaluated the screening performance of these screen cylinders, including the FibreWall? screen cylinder. Initial field results of the 4th generation screening cylinders are promising and suggest that the generally accepted screening limits can be extended to smaller stickies sizes (i.e., ministickies Classes 1 to 4).

The FibreWall screen cylinder is a fabricated wedge wire cylinder made without structural welding or rolling processes. The wire clamping is made mechanically using an innovative process that eliminates welding and other processes that can permanently deform the cylinder shape. The cylinder is not rolled and offers excellent roundness with no distortion. This allows for a uniform gap between the cylinder and the rotor to achieve optimum screening performances. The cylinder also offers dimensional stability over time due to the absence of residual stress caused by welding and rolling processes.

Based on field trials and numerous installations, screening efficiencies achieved by FibreWall screen cylinders outperformed major competitive cylinders on removing debris and deformable contaminants (e.g., stickies). FibreWall screen cylinders have been shown to reduce the stickies level by two to four times compared to other wedge wire cylinders operating under similar conditions.

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