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OptiLayer Multilayer Curtain Coating by Metso

by Timo Nurmiainen and Stig Renvall

Metso's OptiLayer coater is a multilayer, slide die curtain coater which provides excellent coating coverage.

Since multiple coating layers can be applied simultaneously,with essentially no speed restrictions, it is possible to fine tune each coating layer for specific paper properties.

The technology, jointly developed by Metso and Dow Chemical, has been used for specialty paper grades and white top liner grades and also offers an economical substitute for coated board applications where air knife coaters have conventionally been used. Another suitable application is food packaging board. By using barrier coating in one of the three layers, it is possible to add to grease- or water-resistant properties to the product. High-quality inkjet photo paper is also seen as a grade that could take good advantage of this technology.

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