Confidentiality and Data Protection

Fastmarkets RISI Indices collects confidential price data and other market information from market participants so that we can aggregate this information from multiple sources to create price assessments.

Our sources give us this sensitive information only with assurance that their data must be completely confidential and secure.

To ensure this confidentiality and security of data, Fastmarkets RISI Indices has implemented the following standards and procedures:

  • The identity of providers of price and market data is never revealed outside of Fastmarkets RISI. Fastmarkets RISI will never confirm nor deny that any given market participant provides us price data.
  • Price data are published in such a way that individual data providers can’t be deduced.
  • Electronic files with non-anonymized price data are stored in a secure location.
  • Non-anonymized price data are accessible only to Fastmarkets RISI Indices editor(s) who are responsible for a given price assessment, with occasional temporary access for Fastmarkets RISI Indices supervisors to ensure quality and consistency of price assessments during annual internal audits of Fastmarkets RISI’s methodology.
  • All Fastmarkets RISI Indices staff understand the critical importance of confidentiality and data security and undergo annual training to ensure compliance.

Note, that Fastmarkets RISI Indices staff includes editors, price analysts and Fastmarkets RISI Indices management, but does not include economists, engineers or salespeople.


Last updated: December 2017

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