Data Submitter Policy

Fastmarkets RISI is the best positioned and most authoritative global sources of forest products information and data. We have a comprehensive digital offering which helps provide understanding and insight for our expanding customer base in this growing market. We supply the world’s most comprehensive and current data on supply and demand, pricing and costs to customers around the globe. Our editors, economists and analysts specialize in gathering and analyzing data and reporting on information related to their markets.

In its role as a benchmark provider, Fastmarkets RISI Indices supports the adoption and alignment to the IOSCO Principles for PRAs. The main objective of these principles is to ensure that the price discovery process is robust, consistent and transparent, and the prices produced are representative of the value of the underlying markets. Fastmarkets RISI’s price discovery methodologies are based on data inputs collected from market participants. To ensure the price discovery process is robust, data quality is essential to maintain the integrity of an assessment process. This Data Submitter Policy provides participants with guidelines to ensure the high level of data quality and integrity that Fastmarkets RISI expects from each contributing organization providing pricing data.

Data Submitters

Fastmarkets RISI Indices seeks to collect pricing data from credible market participants active in the buying and selling in the open market of material matching Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ price specifications as defined in its methodology documents. Fastmarkets RISI Indices expects that data submitters taking part

in the pricing process are properly qualified and authorized to report market data on behalf of their organizations. Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ price reporters generally speak to, and collect data from, front office staff directly involved in the commercial activity of buying and selling the material being assessed. Fastmarkets RISI Indices also encourages organizations to submit transaction data from back office functions as well as front office.

The Submission Framework

Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ price reporters engage with market participants by proactively surveying sources for pricing data. Data is mostly collected by telephone or email. Price reporters may also collate data directly from the back offices of market participants via email. Price reporters seek to increase the number of market participants willing to provide market data on an ongoing basis. The number of entities providing market data on a day-to-day basis can vary significantly based on market conditions and activity.

Fastmarkets RISI Indices looks to collect pricing data from credible market sources that have a proven track record for regularly providing pricing data, including transactions, bids and offers within established deadlines and by providing other supporting information to the price reporters, including quantities, freight cost, details on specifications, delivery location and any other detail that contributes substantially to the determination of the price. For more information, please refer to Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ methodology documents.

Your Role as a Data Submitter

Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ role as a PRA is to provide price benchmarking services to the industry for contract settlement purposes and/or other price-related applications. Data submitters provide pricing data on a voluntary basis and should not expect or request Fastmarkets RISI Indices to provide any benefits-in-kind in return, such as a free subscription to Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ services or access to the price assessment before it is published.

Data submitters should recognize that providing credible data to the price discovery process provides the opportunity for them to participate in the determination process of Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ benchmark prices. Data submitters are expected to abide by the guidelines provided in this Data Submitter Policy which can be summarized as follows:

  • Submitters should provide data on an honest, timely and consistent basis;
  • Submitters should always provide all relevant data, including all the transactions to which they have been a party during the period under consideration for the assessment;
  • Under no circumstances should only selective data be submitted to influence the price assessment process;
  • Organizations that agree to submit data from back office functions should commit to disclosing transaction data in full for each market segment;
  • Submitters should disclose to the price reporter if a transaction was with a related party or affiliate;
  • Submitters should disclose to the price reporter deal volumes that significantly exceed or fall below the typical transaction volume for that market under consideration;
  • Submitters should be prepared to disclose any detail of the transaction that contributes substantially to the determination of the price;
  • Submitters should report firm bids and offers, which are bids and offers that they are prepared to match.
  • Fastmarkets RISI employees or any representative, such as an agent, contractor or consultant, will always treat data submitters, customers and suppliers with respect and dignity and expect to be treated in the same way. We will not tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination by or towards any employee or business associate under any circumstances.

Data Submitter Agreements (DSAs)

Fastmarkets RISI Indices understands the importance of data submitted under Data Submitter Agreements (DSAs). Price Reporters of Fastmarkets RISI Indices will inquire with their sources as to whether they have conducted other business in addition to that reported to them to encourage market participants to provide them with data that is as complete as possible. Where DSAs are signed, the DSA will require all relevant data to be provided.


Fastmarkets RISI Indices understands the need to protect the confidentiality of all information received. All data submitted is securely stored in Fastmarkets RISI Indices’ price reporting system.

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