COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed changes to North America Recovered Paper price coverage

Jun 06, 2016 [PPI Pulp and Paper Week] – Fastmarkets RISI evaluated ISRI’s notice of approved changes to the paper specifications announced on April 14, 2016, and proposes the following changes to recovered paper price assessments:

  1. Discontinue Mixed Paper (2) – OBM for both domestic and export markets
  2. Discontinue ONP (8) – OBM grade for both domestic and export markets
  3. Introduce Mixed Paper No. 54 grade for both domestic and export markets
  4. Introduce new Sorted Residential Papers No. 56 grade for both domestic and export markets
  5. Do NOT introduce Sorted Clean News (SCN) No. 58 grade proposed by ISRI

Proposed timeline for transition:

  1. Remove grades proposed for discontinuation from Price Tables in January 2017
  2. Keep price history for discontinued grades available for search online until January 2019
  3. Introduce new grades in October 2016, continue publishing prices for the grades proposed for discontinuation

Fastmarkets RISI seeks stakeholder feedback about these proposed changes by September 6,2016. To have your opinion count, please fill out brief survey available here.

For more information, please contact Greg Rudder at

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