COVERAGE NOTE: Change in definition of OCC Assessments CFR India - Consultation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Mar 1., 2018 (PPI Pulp & Paper Week) – In light of changes to trading patterns caused by China’s planned 0.5% contaminant rule on imports of all recovered paper, and pending clarification of US export specifications, RISI is considering the following change to its OCC to Asia coverage in PPI Pulp & Paper Week:

  • Remove the term “Select” from price assessments for exports of OCC (11) from New York/New Jersey CFR Nhava Sheva, India so that these assessments would simply reflect OCC (11) (Price ID 1159).

RISI has contacted ISRI to request clarification on the definition of “Select” OCC (11), specifically what the specifications of “Select” OCC (11) would be and whether it should be treated as a separate grade to standard OCC. In the meantime, RISI will continue to reflect “Select” OCC (11) prices in our assessments of OCC (11) from the US to China.

The timeline for the proposed change has yet to be fixed. RISI will communicate further on this following consultation with stakeholders.

For related consultations on assessments of OCC destined for Asia, please see here. For more information on RISI’s assessment methodology, please see here.

Please send comments to, indicating “OCC to India Assessments” in the subject line of the email, by the end of March 2018. RISI will publish its final decision and timeline for any changes as soon as possible after this date.

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