COVERAGE NOTE: Changes proposed for Price Guides in Random Lengths, Random Lengths International

EUGENE, OR, July 15, 2019 (Random Lengths) – Random Lengths is seeking industry feedback on several changes or additions to the Random Lengths and Random Lengths International lumber and panel price guides. If carried through, these changes would take effect with the Oct. 4, 2019, issue of Random Lengths, and the Oct. 2, 2019, issue of International.

First, Random Lengths is considering adding the Canadian Spruce Plywood 3/8-inch delivered Toronto price to the structural panel section of Midweek. This is an addition widely requested by the industry since Random Lengths and Crow’s merged in April of this year.

Also under consideration is a change in Canadian OSB delivered prices on page 13 of the 14-page weekly report. Current regional prices delivered Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Atlantic would change respectively to Regina, Winnipeg, and Moncton, N.B. Added to the guide would be delivered prices for Halifax, Nova Scotia. These changes would make the price grid for Canadian OSB delivery points consistent with that of Canadian plywood sheathing.

Another proposed change is the retirement of footnoted deduct prices for Western S-P-F Std&Btr 2×4 random dimension found in footnotes on pages 5 and 6 of the 14-page weekly newsletter. The deduct is from the published #2&Btr price. Industry feedback to date indicates there are no longer any Western S-P-F mills grade stamping 2×4 random dimension as Std&Btr.

For Random Lengths International, changes in production over the years may necessitate a change in the description of Douglas Fir 4-1/8×4-1/8 baby squares from green to kiln-dried stock. Industry feedback collected to date indicates almost all production of baby squares is now kiln dried.

For comments and queries regarding these changes, please send email to: Comments must be submitted by the end of the business day August 12.

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