COVERAGE NOTE - Proposal to discontinue assessment of China Uncoated Woodfree Reels (mixed wood/nonwood pulp)

BEIJING, Feb 5, 2021 (PPI Asia) – Fastmarkets RISI is proposing to discontinue the price assessment for China Uncoated Woodfree Reels (mixed wood/nonwood pulp) in PPI Asia, with effect from March 2021.

In tandem with a consistent, substantial decline in nonwood pulp production in China over the past decade for cost and environmental reasons, the availability of uncoated fine paper furnished with nonwood fiber in the country has greatly decreased.

As the grade is no longer a major component of the Chinese graphic paper market, we propose to discontinue its price assessment (Price ID 3917) and focus attention on the most important paper grades.

The last assessment would be published on February 26, 2021.

PPI Asia will continue to assess China Uncoated Woodfree Reels (100% chemical pulp) and China Uncoated Woodfree Reels (mixed chemical/mechanical pulp) on a monthly basis.

For comments or queries, please email, mentioning “China uncoated woodfree”, by February 28, 2021.

For more information on RISI’s methodology for Asia packaging paper and board markets, please see here.

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