COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed changes to Brazil graphic papers coverage - Consultation

SAO PAULO, Sept 10, 2019 (PPI Latin America) – To offer better coverage of price developments in Latin America, Fastmarkets RISI is considering expanding its graphic papers coverage in Brazil.

Currently Fastmarkets RISI publishes assessments for 90 g/m2 imported CWF. Going forward we are seeking feedback from stakeholders on whether to

  1. expand the current assessment from purely 90 g/m2 to include basis weights from 90 g/m2 to 115 g/m2, or
  2. to launch a new assessment series for imported CWF 115 g/m².

Market participants report most negotiations of CWF use the 115 g/m2 as a benchmark, whereas 90 g/m2 concentrates an important volume of negotiations.

Fastmarkets RISI will undertake a consultation on this proposal, with the potential that the changes would take effect starting on January 2020.

Fastmarkets RISI would also be interested feedback on other grades such as LWC and Supercalendered. Market participants comment that demand for LWC is weakening, as lower-priced Supercalendered is a substitute.

For comments and queries, please email by October 18, mentioning “Changes to Brazil Graphic Papers Assessments” in the subject line of the email.

For more information, please see related Fastmarkets RISI Coverage Notes and Fastmarkets RISI’s assessment methodology.

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