COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed changes to NA pulp for export to China assessments – Consultation

OAKLAND, CA, March 1, 2019 (RISI) – To reflect better actual transactions in the international pulp market, Fastmarkets RISI is proposing to replace the current effective list price assessments for the following grades with net price assessments with effect from October 2019

1) Northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) delivered to China – Price ID 699 and Table 5

2) Bleached radiata pine kraft (BKP) delivered to China – Table 5 only

3) Bleached eucalyptus kraft (BEK) delivered to China – Table 5 only.

Fastmarkets RISI proposes to launch new net price assessments for all three grades from April 2019. These would run in parallel with the current effective list price assessments until September. From October, the effective list price assessments would be discontinued, leaving only the net price assessments.

Typically, Fastmarkets RISI estimates the effective list price to be around 1-3% above the net transacted price for NBSK and around 3-5% for BEK.

For a historical comparison of net versus effective list prices for NBSK, please see below:

For comments or queries, please email by Mar. 31, 2019, mentioning “NA pulp for export to China” in the subject line of the email.

For more information on Fastmarkets RISI’s methodology for global pulp markets, please see here.

For other Fastmarkets RISI coverage notes please see here.

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