Coverage note: Proposed changes to UK newsprint coverage - implementation

BRUSSELS, July 4, 2019 (PPI Europe) – BRUSSELS, Jul. 4th, 2019 ( PPI Europe ) – Following consultation with stakeholders and as previously announced, Fastmarkets RISI has made the following change to its UK newsprint assessments:

Assessments for 40-g newsprint are now based on a half-yield formula, using the 42.5-g price as a starting point. The half-yield formula consists of adding 3.125% to the basis price.

Previously, Fastmarkets RISI based its assessments for 40-g newsprint on a full-yield formula, using the 45-g price as the basis: Pa = Pb/a*b.

The move is intended to better reflect current trading in the UK newsprint market.

Fastmarkets RISI conducted a market consultation on this change from April 19 to May 18th. No negative feedback to the proposal was received.

For comments and queries, please email, mentioning “UK Newsprint” in the subject line of the email.

For more information on RISI’s methodology for European graphic paper markets, please see here.

For related coverage notes see here.

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