COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed launch of new net open market assessments for US kraft papers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 5, 2020 (Fastmarkets RISI) – Fastmarkets RISI is considering to launch new net price assessments for unbleached and bleached kraft paper prices for the US/North American marketplace, eventually replacing the current market assessments.

The new price assessments would be based on open market net transaction levels, after specific customer discounts. Our North American pricing team has been researching this change for the kraft paper prices since last year. We’re interested in comments from the market about this potential change. Please send your comments to by March 31st, 2020, mentioning “US Kraft Paper” in the subject-line of the email.

After considering comments, Fastmarkets RISI expects to announce if the new prices will be launched at the start of May, with the new levels first published in PPI Pulp & Paper Week, Fastmarkets RISI online portal and mobile app on May 22. They would run alongside the existing price series until the end of 2020. From 2021, the existing price series would be discontinued, leaving only the new net series.

For more information on Fastmarkets RISI’s methodology for North American packaging paper and board, including the new assessments, please see here

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