COVERAGE NOTE: RISI starts databasing UK Euro equivalent prices

BRUSSELS, Belgium, Sept. 6, 2018 (PPI Global) – With effect from September 2018, RISI has added euro equivalent prices for its UK pulp and paper assessments to its online portal.

Previously the prices only appeared in PPI Europe. Customers can now also find these prices online and in the RISI historical database. The Price IDs are as follows:

12005Newsprint 40-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12006Newsprint 45-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12007Newsprint 42.5-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12009Improved (68 ISO) 52-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12010SC rotogravure reels 60-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12011SC rotogravure reels 56-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12012SC rotogravure reels 52-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12013SC offset reels 60-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12014SC offset reels 56-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12015SC offset reels 52-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12016LWC rotogravure reels 60-g, UK, EUR/tonne
12017LWC offset reels 60g, UK, EUR/tonne
12018A4 copy (B grade) 80-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12019A4 copy (C grade) 80-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12020Offset reels 80-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12021Offset sheets 80-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12022Reels 100-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12023Sheets 115-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12024Unbleached kraftliner 175-g+, UK, Eur/tonne
12025Unbleached kraftliner 150-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12026Unbleached kraftliner 125-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12027White-top kraftliner 140-g+, UK,Eur/tonne
12028Testliner 2 140-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12029Testliner 3 140-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12030Fluting 100-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12031Fluting 90-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12033White-top testliner 140-g, UK, Eur/tonne
12034Coated duplex (GC2) 270-g+, UK, Eur/tonne
12035White-lined chipboard (GD2) 300-g+, UK, Eur/tonne
120361.02 – mixed P&B (sorted), UK, Eur/tonne
120371.05 – old corrugated containers, UK, Eur/tonne
120381.11 – sorted graphic paper for deinking, UK, Eur/tonne
120392.01 – newspapers, UK, Eur/tonne
120402.08 – colored woodfree magazines, UK, Eur/tonne
12041Multigrade, UK, Eur/tonne

RISI will also begin storing historical values for euro equivalent prices for its Russian containerboard assessments from October 2018.

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For the full list of RISI pulp and paper assessments, please see here.


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