of paper and paper packaging

Understand and prepare for market changes impacting your paper and packaging costs. Fastmarkets RISI market intelligence tools instantly provide meaningful, actionable insight you can use to capture discount opportunities, budget more accurately and build a robust supply chain.

For over 30 years, procurement professionals and supply chain executives at the world’s largest companies have relied on Fastmarkets RISI. Our objective insight on global paper and packaging markets enables our clients to:

  • Develop advanced market expertise
  • Conduct more effective price negotiations
  • Enhance plans and forecasts
  • Improve supplier analysis.
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Develop Advanced Market Expertise

  • Recognize and leverage shifts in supply and demand affecting your buying power.
  • Know when major players trigger market changes impacting your price and why.
  • Understand and track key cost inputs driving your price.
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Conduct More Effective Negotiations

  • Challenge your price by evaluating it against industry-leading price indices built on transparent methodology
  • Decrease your price volatility by incorporating indices into contracts as unbiased escalators/de-escalators.
  • Avoid price creep and find discount opportunities by better understanding the grade you buy.
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Enhance Plans and Forecasts

  • Generate more accurate budgets and models by applying third-party historical and forecast data.
  • Validate your conclusions with pulp and paper expert commentary and reports.
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Improve Supplier Analysis

  • Understand what drives production costs and what that should mean for your price.
  • Compare suppliers based on their costs to identify the best long-term partners.
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Packaging 101 : Free Resources

Packaging 101 is an on-going series intended to help procurement professionals who are new to the paper industry. Each installment will give you insight to help you cut through the clutter and focus on what’s relevant to your procurement decisions. Available downloads include:

  • Interpreting Supply & Demand
  • Historical Paper Prices
  • Tracking Mill Costs
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Companies that Depend on Fastmarkets RISI

  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Auto and Industrial Parts Manufacturers
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies
  • Retail and Apparel Companies
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Care Providers
  • Online Retailers
  • Publishers
  • Print Manufacturers
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