Packaging 101

Packaging 101 is intended to help procurement professionals who are new to the paper industry. Each installment will give you insight to help you cut through the clutter and focus on what’s relevant to your procurement decisions.

Paper Grades (Cheat Sheet)

Become familiar with major paper grades with our straight-forward explanations and a simple cheat sheet.
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Webinar: Packaging 101 for Buyers

Vice President of Packaging, Ken Waghorne presents a straightforward, helpful webinar about paper packaging markets. In it Ken provides clear information on:

  • Paper packaging’s place in the spectrum of the forest products industry
  • Various types and uses of paper and paperboard
  • How Fastmarkets RISI can help paper and packaging buyers
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Interpreting Supply and Demand

Knowing when shifts happen and what they mean for your costs will help you negotiate, plan, and report your packaging costs with confidence. Fortunately, you can track key market indicators in the paper industry to understand and anticipate price changes.

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Historical Paper Prices

The historical price timeline of paper grades you buy, holds a story of the activities that shaped the market and influenced prices. If you know what to look for, you can better understand how your packaging costs reached their current level and, more importantly, how they could change in the future.

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Tracking Mill Costs

Understanding mill production costs, transportation costs and exchange rates will bring you closer to understanding price fluctuations and how to anticipate them in the future. It can also help you and your team gain additional cost transparency in the supply chain.

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Featured Product: Intelligence Center

Fastmarkets RISI’s Intelligence Center (IC) fully-integrates data and analysis to instantly provide meaningful, actionable insight you can use to buy smarter.

  • Recognize and leverage shifts in supply and demand affecting your buying power.
  • Understand and track key cost inputs driving your price.
  • Enhance plans and forecasts with third-party historical and forecast data
  • Compare suppliers based on their costs to identify the best long-term partners.
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