Plans and Forecasts

Help your company make better paper and packaging decisions. Develop clear plans and sound recommendations supported by objective information.


As you prepare budgets and other reports for your team and other decisions-makers, incorporate expert third-party data and opinions to help bolster your assertions. Fastmarkets RISI’s Packaging Intelligence Center provides easy access to historical and forecast data as well as expert commentary that explains changing market dynamics. This information can reveal new opportunities for savings, expose potential risks and help you explain price volatility.

Enhance Budgets and Forecasts

Generate more accurate budgets and insightful models with third-party historical and forecast data.

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Validate Conclusions

Validate your conclusions and strengthen your recommendations by citing expert commentary and industry reports.

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Packaging 101: Historical Paper Prices

In this free download, we discuss how packaging buyers can use historical prices to better understand and anticipate packaging costs. We include advice like:

  • How to identify trends to prepare for potential price changes.
  • Understanding the impact of key market dynamics like average costs, supply/demand levels, and export prices
  • Considering how large-scale events can impact price
  • How to use historical prices for forecasts and model enhancement
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