Price Negotiations

Conduct more effective price negotiations by using third-party price and cost data built on transparent methodologies.


As in most industries, suppliers attribute price increases to rising costs. When buyers have limited visibility into what is truly driving the price, it can be challenging to confirm the cause and justify the increase. If the real cost drivers remain unidentified, it can be even more difficult to negotiate lower prices.

Using unbiased, third-party data and commentary can help better support your arguments. Fastmarkets RISI’s Packaging Intelligence Center transforms objective data into meaningful, actionable information you can use at the negotiation table.

Use Price Indices

Evaluate your price against industry-leading price indices. You can use Fastmarkets RISI’s pulp, paper and board indices to learn if changes your suppliers are proposing align with industry benchmarks.

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Incorporate Indices into Contracts

Avoid unexpected price changes by incorporating indices into contracts and establishing unbiased escalators/de-escalators. Building predictability into contracts protects both buyers and sellers alike.

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Better Understand Your Grades

Understand what drives the cost of the grades you buy. Apply that knowledge to negotiations and you could avoid price creep and find opportunities for discounts.

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