Supplier Analysis

Gain cost transparency in the paper supply chain. Track supplier costs and evaluate cost competitiveness.


The paper manufacturing process is dependent on a number of resources that have volatile costs. Manufacturing inputs such as fiber, energy, labor and transportation can fluctuate dramatically based on world region and economic conditions. Naturally, many of these costs are passed through the supply chain to the buyers. Those who understand and track these production costs, tend to have more influence when negotiating their price. Better understanding the input costs can also make you better-equipped to explain price increases to management.

Fastmarkets RISI’s Packaging Intelligence Center includes supplier cost data and analysis tools. It helps buyers understand mill costs and identify the best suppliers for price, quality and deliverability requirements. For instance, suppliers with lower costs and higher capacities are typically more stable and can offer better pricing.


Track Production Costs

Know how your price might change over time by tracking key production costs like fiber, energy, chemicals and transportation.

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Compare Suppliers

Compare suppliers based on cost to identify the best partners. Know how they compare with each other with market averages.

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Packaging 101: Tracking Mill Costs

In this free download, we discuss how paper buyers can increase cost transparency in their supply chains by following mill costs. This download is the first step in:

  • Understanding the basic cost structure of paper mills and its affect on price.
  • Recognizing how factors like fiber, energy, transportation nd exchange rates can impact a mill’s cost competitiveness.
  • Spotting emerging opportunities for discounts and preparing for price increases.
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