Data Licensing

Fastmarkets RISI provides over 2,200 forest products prices including key industry benchmarks, with extensive historical data. We offer a number of ways you can access this data.

What is a data license?

A data license is an agreement authorizing the supply of our price data for your internal business use. This ensures compliance with our terms and conditions at all times, as well as improving ease and efficiency of use through the data delivery systems we provide.

Who is it for?

A data license is required if you wish to do the following:

Share our price data – a data license permits the extraction of our price data and redistribution to colleagues directly or via your company system.

Trade using our price data – a data license permits the use of our price data for trading of physical and financial contracts where the data is the underlying reference.

Reference our price data – a data license permits the use of our price data for valuation, pricing activities or as a reference in transactions. Examples of referencing our price data (but not limited to):

  • Physical supply or sales contracts
  • Bi-lateral OTC contracts, valuations of funds, holdings, inventories
  • Forward curves

Derived data – a data license is also required for the creation and use of information derived from our price data. Examples of derived data activities include (but not limited to):

  • Indices, forward curves, spread bets, swaps, swaptions
  • Exchange Traded Products (including futures, forwards, options, ETFs, ETCs, ETNs)
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Any other analysis, calculations, costs or premiums created from our data

Why do I need a data license?

Fastmarkets RISI pricing data represents a core part of our service offering. Fastmarkets RISI, in its role as a leading forest products price reporting agency, has been investing in the personnel, compliance and technology infrastructure to support the development of its benchmark prices. In response to the growing adoption of Fastmarkets RISI’s prices by companies in the forest products value chain, we offer the Data License as the solution to receive and use our prices for key functions in sales and trading, as well as, mid and back office operations that also interact with pricing data.

Ways to access pricing as part of a data license

  • Fastmarkets RISI subscription website
  • Fastmarkets RISI email newsletters
  • Approved third party distribution partners such as Bloomberg and Reuters
  • Fastmarkets RISI Data Price Feeds

How do I enquire about an existing or new data license?

Please contact your account manager or contact us to initiate this discussion.

See Data Licensing FAQs here for additional

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