Data Licensing FAQs

Commonly asked questions about Fastmarkets RISI data and licensing.

I have a subscription to Fastmarkets RISI already so do I need a Data License to use the prices?
You do not need a Data License if the prices are for your personal use only. However, if the prices are being extracted from Fastmarkets RISI and redistributed to colleagues directly or via a company system then those people interacting with the data would need to be licensed separately. See Data Licensing for more details.

Why do I need a Data License?
Fastmarkets RISI pricing data represents a core part of our service offering. Fastmarkets RISI, in its role as a leading forest products price reporting agency, has been investing in the personnel, compliance and technology infrastructure to support the development of its benchmark prices. In response to the growing adoption of Fastmarkets RISI’s prices by companies in the forest products value chain, we offer the Data License as the solution to receive and use our prices for key functions in sales and trading, as well as, mid and back office operations that also interact with pricing data. See Data Licensing.

Can I share Fastmarkets RISI prices internally?
Our pricing data can be shared internally as long as all direct and derived users are covered by a Data License. See Data Licensing.

Can I share Fastmarkets RISI prices with my clients?
Our prices can only be shared when part of an invoice or a credit note. Clients may not share in any other way our data externally with their counter parties. They would need to have their own Data License agreement with Fastmarkets RISI.

Can I post Fastmarkets RISI prices on my website for my client to see?
No this is not permitted. Your clients would need to subscribe directly with Fastmarkets RISI if they need access to our prices.

I get Fastmarkets RISI prices through a third party such as Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters can I use them in my company’s workflow?
No, you will require a separate Data License if the use of those prices is for anything other than your personal use.

How can I access Fastmarkets RISI Prices?
Our data is available in the following delivery methods:

  • Fastmarkets RISI subscription website
  • Fastmarkets RISI email newsletters
  • Approved third party distribution partners such as Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters.
  • Fastmarkets RISI Data Price Feeds

How can I incorporate this feed into my everyday workflow?
The market data feed is set-up using an API/XML framework which means clients can access, integrate and manipulate our data using both standard independent software vendor and bespoke in-house applications and analytics. Most organizations with an IT team or a developer will be able to integrate this with relatively little effort. If you don’t have any technical staff, we are able to provide support and code snippets to enable integration.

What is the cost of a Data Price Feed?
It depends on the number of users and how many price packages are required. We also offer enterprise-wide licenses. Please contact your account manager or contact us to initiate this discussion.

Are there any restrictions when using a Data Price Feed?
Sharing of Fastmarkets RISI data to unlicensed individuals amounts to violation of our policy and may lead to additional charges.

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