John Maine

As a Fastmarkets RISI co-founder and Vice President of graphic paper, John has developed Fastmarkets RISI’s approach to graphic paper analysis and forecasting. With over 30 years in the graphic paper industry, John is an industry-recognized expert for printing and writing paper markets, prices, analysis, and forecasts. John is a regular speaker and consultant for most major producers worldwide as well as various end-user groups including insert and catalog publishers, magazine publishers, book publishers, paper merchants and brokers, and major commercial printers.

He collects industry prices monthly, which are used by buyers and sellers in settling contract prices. John manages all of the world newsprint and printing and writing analysis and forecasts for Fastmarkets RISI. His published reports include the monthly Paper Trader, World Coated Paper Supply: A risk assessment of capacity closures; World Graphic Paper Forecast; World Graphic Paper Capacity; and North American Graphic Paper Forecast.

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