Fastmarkets Brand FAQs

1. When is the rebranding taking place?

On January 14, 2019, RISI and FOEX rebranded through the addition of “Fastmarkets” to their names:

  • Fastmarkets RISI
  • Fastmarkets FOEX

2. What exactly is changing?

  • Starting January 14, the names/logos/visual images of RISI, and FOEX products businesses will change. The products and services provided by the businesses will not change unless otherwise announced – only names/visual images will reflect the new branding.
  • The legacy customer portal known as Content Gateway will be unavailable starting February 14, 2019. In the meantime, users will be defaulted to the new customer portal. The new customer portal (aka Intelligence Center) will be rebranded with Fastmarkets RISI.

3. Why are these businesses rebranding?

  • Rebranding is one of many steps in our mission to be the world’s leading and most trusted cross-commodity price reporting, events, & intelligence service.
  • The new name represents the investments we have made and continue to make in people, products, processes, and systems along with our colleagues who price and cover the metals and industrial minerals markets. More information about our metals and industrial minerals prices can be found at

4. How will this change affect me?

  • You will continue to receive the same products in the same way. Visual elements such as colors and fonts will change. Products will contain the same data/information and be delivered in the same format.

5. Is the RISI News & Prices Mobile App changing?

  • It will be rebranded, but the name will not change. Users will see the rebranded app after they receive app updates from their respective app story. Users do NOT need to download a new app.

6. Will my login details change?

  • No. Your login details will not change.

7. Will I still receive the same newsletters, news alerts, and product notifications?

  • Yes. You will receive newsletters, news alerts, and product notifications in the same way and at the same time as before.

8. If I’m licensed to include RISI or FOEX prices in contracts or agreements, will I have to amend those contracts or agreements?

  • No. Since price descriptions are not changing, customers will not have to amend any contracts or agreements that our prices are used or quoted in.

9. I quote RISI/FOEX/UM Paper prices in my reports – will that have to change?

  • No. The price descriptions are not changing with the rebrand so reports will not have to change either.

10. Will price assessment and indices names change?

  • No. The names of individual prices will not change. For example, PIX China NBSK Net will remain PIX China NBSK Net.

11. Prices flow through a data feed into my workflows/databases – will I have to make any changes or update my feed?

  • No. As the price descriptions and symbols are not changing, the data will continue to feed through as before.

12. Will RISI’s or FOEX’s legal entity name change?

  • No. There is no change to legal entity name of RISI or FOEX.

13. If I have more questions about the rebranding, who should I contact?

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