Industry Research

Today’s big trade and tomorrow’s capital investment both require the best information possible.  Conduct more effective research with access to a comprehensive information resource.

Whether you are advising on today’s trade or assessing a long-term capital investment, you need the best information to quickly and efficiently understand past, current, and future market conditions. Your own research might be enough for some decisions, but expanding your research to leverage industry expert resources might help you be more effective.  Fastmarkets RISI’s comprehensive global coverage ensures that industry-leading reporting and historical and forecast data is at your finger tips. With our information you will be able to see risk before you feel it.

Identify Price Trends

Protect your investments by following price trends and know how they impact the market.

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Monitor Market Activity

Remain agile by staying abreast of market activities, like mergers and acquisitions, mill projects, timberland transactions, price fluctuations and government public policy.

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Track Market Indicators

Track key market indicators to know when and how to take advantage of shifting supply/demand levels before they change again.

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Analyze Mills and Cost Competitiveness

Build richer company and market profiles. Examine  mills, key costs drivers, cost structures and mill cost competitiveness to anticipate critical market changes that impact your investments.

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