Models and Projections

Validate your conclusions by testing your models and projections against the industry-established benchmarks.

Models and Projections

Challenge your models and projections to produce the best information possible. Incorporate expert third-party data into your practice by using data sets to populate models or evaluating results against an outside authority. A second opinion can go a long way when the stakes are high.

Fastmarkets RISI provides easy access to historical and forecast data and expert commentary on the pulp, paper, wood and timber markets. We can serve as an extension of your research team or data library. With our support you will have the checks and balances you need to make data-driven decisions.

Test Analytical Models

Like our own economists, many of our clients maintain their own analytical models of the forest products industries they follow. These models are typically business proprietary with millions -if not billions- of dollars depending on the information they produce. While our models hold a similar value, they are built based on a transparent methodology that we share with all our clients. We are clear about our top-down and bottoms-up approaches, and when and why we update them. This means you can use Fastmarkets RISI models and outputs to test your own. This is especially helpful when complex industries and economies change and models need to evolve. So, challenge your methods against those of an industry partner like Fastmarkets RISI and ultimately yield better and more accurate results.

Generate More Objective Results

While some institutions use their own historical data to develop a forecast, others depend on Fastmarkets RISI to provide the data they need to feed their models. We are clear about how we collect, balance, and maintain our data. You can use our indices and data sets as a standalone resource or merge it with your own data sets. Either way, incorporating a third-party resource will help you increase the objectivity and credibility of the results. This allows you and your stakeholders to focus on making decisions, not questioning the data.

Get a Second Opinion

Even if you don’t employ an index, you probably can still benefit from a second opinion in the end. Why not seek input from industry experts? Fastmarkets RISI offers specialized insight on all major packaging, graphic and feedstock paper grades as well as wood products and timber. You’ll be able to validate your conclusions against expert analysis and objective and balanced forecasts. We publish news articles, opinion pieces, market outlooks, and price forecasts that can give you the peace of mind you need to move forward. Learn more about Fastmarkets RISI Methodologies.

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