Fastmarkets RISI covers all aspects of the forest products industry to provide our clients with actionable insight in a changing global marketplace.

The forest products industry is global, capital-intensive, and can be internally competitive for resources. Understanding macroeconomic trends, and the impact of one industry on another is critical to being successful. That’s why Fastmarkets RISI covers the entire market and provides insight not available from any other source.

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Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Industry professionals have relied on Fastmarkets RISI for more than 30 years to stay abreast of the global pulp, paper, and packaging markets. Companies from all levels of the supply chain depend on our news, price indices, forecasts and mill intelligence as their official and objective information resource. Whether you are producing pulp, buying paper or financing operations, Fastmarkets RISI’s coverage and insight can help you make better decisions.

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Wood Products

Together, with Random Lengths, we offer clients throughout the wood products supply chain critical industry information used to support strategic and tactical decision-making. We do this by collecting and analyzing more information about the North American wood panels and lumber industry than anyone else.

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Timber & Bioenergy

Companies throughout the timber and biomass supply chain depend on Fastmarkets RISI news, price indices, forecasts and timberland intelligence as their official and objective information resource. Whether you are a timberland owner, timberland investor, equipment suppliers or buyer, Fastmarkets RISI’s coverage and insight can help you make better decisions.

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As the global tissue market continues to experience strong growth, companies around the world are strategizing how to capture business. Many have questions about the driving forces behind demand growth, the capabilities of major producers and suppliers, and the technological and retail trends that will shape the future. Fastmarkets RISI offers over 30 years of experience in reporting and analyzing the global tissue market. With our objective insight, your team will be well-informed to find opportunities in this market.

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Fastmarkets RISI helps producers understand their competitive position, identify opportunities for growth and avoid risks. Our clients include integrated and non-integrated paper and wood products producers, from around the globe.

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Fastmarkets RISI helps suppliers to the forest product industry identify and reach the right clients for their service. Chemical companies, equipment manufacturers, software providers, legal and engineering companies turn to us for information on global producers. Suppliers can better connect with their customers through a number of effective channels.

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Fastmarkets RISI helps buyers of paper and paper packaging better understand what drives the market–and ultimately their costs. We serve some of the largest fast moving consumer goods companies, food and beverage manufacturers and publishers.

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Fastmarkets RISI has been an independent and objective resource for clients in the financial community for over 30 years. We have helped analysts and investors identify investment opportunities and track companies in which they invest. Our clients include pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insurance providers.

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Nonwovens Markets is the leading newsletter and online news site covering developments in the nonwovens industry around the world. For 23 years, Nonwovens Markets has been analyzing complex industry issues, and providing insight into company strategies, market growth and technology trends.

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Featured researcher

Greg Rudder

North America

Greg Rudder is managing editor for PPI Pulp & Paper Week. He covers the North American containerboard and kraft paper markets, and has done so since October 2018. He covered US and export recovered paper for 22 years through 3Q 2018, and during that period containerboard for seven years, uncoated freesheet for four years, and various other grades. A Pepperdine University graduate, he was a daily newspaper reporter for 12 years before joining PPI Pulp & Paper Week.

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Our approach


Fastmarkets RISI combines the power of Price Indices and Market Analytics for a global view of the forest product industry from a regional perspective.

Fastmarkets RISI is made of up two separate business units: Fastmarkets RISI Indices and Fastmarkets RISI Analytics. Each group conducts research separately in order to maintain objectivity. However, Fastmarkets RISI applies consistent methodologies and processes across the organization so that data and analysis can be easily applied to customer research.

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