Gain a comprehensive outlook on growing wood biomass markets with industry-leading news and analysis.

As a relatively new market, wood bioenergy has enjoyed strong growth in recent years. The timber-derived products used to produce biomass energy are gaining popularity for residential and commercial purposes. However, how long and to what extent will biomass maintain momentum? Understanding the state of the market, following major players, policy changes, and potential price and demand projections can help your business make better decisions.

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Fastmarkets RISI publishes monthly pricing on roundwood, chips, biomass and wood pellet feedstock.


Fastmarkets RISI has the deepest and most thorough understanding of the wood fiber supply chain. We deliver news on critical markets developments and prices for residuals, mill costs, consumption and outputs, transportation issues, government policies.


Fastmarkets RISI employs a team of experts uniquely dedicated to reporting on the biomass industry. Our analysts are focused by region and grade to deliver the most relevant and perspective market assessments possible.  We offer:

  • Long-term Forecasts – 5 year outlooks by region and grade
  • Special Studies – Our most detailed analysis in key market trends like Global Pellet Demand

Wood Biomass Projects

Understand what is happening in the wood biomass market with industry-leading information on projects. Fastmarkets RISI offers the most comprehensive database of existing and newly announced biomass projects in North America and Europe. Our listing includes data on over 1,400 mills and 190 projects including operator, location, project type, capacity, estimated startup date, wood consumption, and cost of construction.

Custom Services

Get extra help when working in or looking to expand into the wood biomass markets. Fastmarkets RISI also provides customized solutions and services to our customers to help them gain a comprehensive and targeted view of the market and its potential impact on their business.  Some of our custom services include:

  • Fiber Procurement Profiles
  • Impact Scenarios
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Policy Reviews
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