Biomass Custom Market Services

Analyze the market from your specific business perspective. Leverage market expert advice to address critical decisions.

Fastmarkets RISI also provides customized solutions and services to our customers working in or looking to expand their businesses into the wood biomass markets. We view our customers as partners and work with them to help them fully understand and solve their most pressing strategic challenges.

Fuel Profiles

Fastmarkets RISI can provide detailed reports of available woodfiber volumes, historical feedstock pricing and consumption or output rates for wood biomass projects within a defined proximity to a customer’s selected location. Each Fuel Profile provides key information needed to understand the full risk of opening or investing in a new wood biomass facility.

Impact Scenarios

Fastmarkets RISI will compile detailed impact scenarios for customers looking to understand how changes to existing market conditions, trade flows or policies can impact their businesses. These impact scenarios are customized using Fastmarkets RISI’s historical pricing and forecasting information to construct specific scenarios of supply, demand and pricing.

Feasibility Studies

Fastmarkets RISI’s feasibility studies are customized reports which analyze specific strategic goals that our customers have. We work with the customer to understand what their desired end results are and report back on what the risks to these strategies are, how likely the customer is to reach their goal, and what their options are to improve the potential for reaching them.

Policy Reviews

Fastmarkets RISI will review all local and federal policies (renewable standards, carbon credits, Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP), etc.) requested by the customer and provide detailed analysis on what challenges or opportunities the full or partial implementations of these policies could present.

Tell us what you business needs help with.  Your representative will match you up with a Fastmarkets RISI economist.

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