Understand and track what is happening in timber production, timberland ownership and demand drivers. Receive help from timber market experts and get up to speed—fast.


Fastmarkets RISI provides a wide range of timber market and pricing information, including stumpage, delivered log, and bioenergy feedstock pricing. Professionals get the essential details they need to keep up with the latest developments in timber and woodfiber markets.

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Fastmarkets RISI offers news coverage of North American timberland and woodfiber markets. Our experts report on the latest developments such as market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, and major transactions. Market repots monthly delivered & stumpage pricing, timberland transaction updates, changes in timberland ownership and updates on log and chip trade flows. With our news service you will be well informed of the market changes before they can impact your business.

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Fastmarkets RISI produces regular forecasts of supply, demand, trade and prices for the woodfiber and timber industry, covering sawtimber, roundwood and chip-n-saw. More than 97% of the world’s leading forest products companies rely on Fastmarkets RISI Forecasts to help them make critical business decisions from investment and resource allocation to buying and selling decisions. We offer:

  • Long-term Forecasts – 5- and 15 year outlooks by region and grade
  • Special Studies – Our most detailed analysis in key market trends like pine plantation investments for resin and timber, regional timber supply in Southeast Asia, and emerging competition in US Southern pulpwood markets
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Timberland Intelligence

Gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of global timberland ownership. Fastmarkets RISI’s comprehensive timberland intelligence services include profiles and information on over 1000 timberland ownership groups and TIMOs in over 80 countries as well as details on over 700 North American and 200 international timberland transactions. Our services will help you save time researching the markets, evaluating investment opportunities and identifying alternative woodfiber resources.

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