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International Pulpwood Trade Review 2018

Are you prepared for 2022’s woodfiber markets? The new International Pulpwood Trade Review 2018 projects that a shortage of hardwood chip supply is likely to occur over the next four to five years.

Learn what’s expected from a shifting market with this new webinar from Fastmarkets RISI’s Bob Flynn, who created the IPTR 25 years ago and continues to lead the annual update of this indispensable report.


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Trends in Global Pulpwood Markets

Fastmarkets RISI pulpwood authority, Peter Barynin, outlines his analysis found in the World Pulpwood Study and shows you the unmatched data set that supports it.

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Global Timberland Ownership and Investment Database 2017

Bob Flynn explains recent developments in the world market for timberland. He also highlights key findings from the title report and how it complements other Fastmarkets RISI timber/woodfiber research products.

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Global Pellet Demand Outlook Webinar

Seth Walker presented on new analysis and the future of global pellet markets. He discussed how new and potential policy changes impact the outlook for pellet demand.

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Trends in Southeast Asian Timber Supply

Fastmarkets RISI’s Director of International Timber and Senior Economist for International Timber – Bob Flynn and John Turland discuss the expected reduction in log exports from Southeast Asia and implications for companies investing worldwide.

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Trends in International Woodchip and Biomass Markets

Bob Flynn, Director of International Timber, delivered an online presentation about the findings of the International Pulpwood Trade Review. He discussed the expansion of international biomass trade and changes to export woodchip supply.

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European Pellet Supply and Cost Analysis

Bioenergy Economist Seth Walker has recorded a webinar on the European Pellet Supply and Cost Analysis – the first in-depth comparative study of North American and European suppliers to Europe’s industrial and heating pellet markets.

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