Pindo Deli boosts machine speed at Karawang mill in Indonesia

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Sept. 14, 2009 (Press Release) -Voith Paper upgraded PM 5 at Pindo Deli's plant in Karawang, Indonesia, with a SolarSoft polyurethane cover with a suction, blind-drilled and grooved surface design, which has 45.6 % open area.

"The improvement of open area significantly improved the dewatering capacity and has immediately led to a 5-20 % increase in machine speed dependent on the tissue grade", explained Usep Saepul, Production Manager PM 5. "This change is a major move forward leading to a production increase of between 5 and 12.7 tons per day dependent on the grade of tissue."

SolarSoft is the latest ...

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