E-commerce is powering paper packaging demand, but its impact will weaken over next 5 years

Box reduction, other trends will dampen "e-commerce boost" for corrugated, forecasts new study

Boston, July 15, 2019 (Press Release) – Amazon’s latest Prime Day highlights the importance of online retail sales to the modern economy. Shipping boxes from Amazon and other retailers symbolize e-commerce – and they also represent one of the most important sources of demand growth for containerboard and corrugated packaging in the US and Canada. For the first time, the “e-commerce boost” has been quantified by The Impact of E-commerce on North American Paper Packaging Markets, a new Special Study from Fastmarkets RISI.

“E-commerce and mail order retail uses about 7 times more corrugated per dollar of sales than traditional retail logistics,” said Derek Mahlburg, Fastmarkets RISI Senior Economist and lead author of this all-new study. “So as e-commerce has grown at an average of 18% annually since 2000, it’s become a significant driver of corrugated demand growth in North America,” Mahlburg said.

US corrugated box shipments rose 1.9% per year in 2015-2018, the best run of sustained growth for the sector since the 1990s.

The study introduces a customized definition of e-commerce retail. This metric includes the mail order sales that are also shipped in boxes, while excluding items like online-negotiated car sales that distort headline e-commerce statistics. These e-commerce/mail order sales made up about 17% of retail spending in 2018, but accounted for more than half of all corrugated box shipments to the US retail sector.

The relatively intense usage of corrugated in e-commerce is a boon for the paper packaging industry, but it also creates a strong incentive for online retailers to pursue alternatives to corrugated packaging. Efforts to reduce paper packaging use, combined with other factors, suggest that growth in the “e-commerce boost” for corrugated will weaken over the next 5 years.

“From overbox reduction to plastic mailers to retail-store fulfillment of online orders, the biggest e-commerce companies are working to lower the intensity of their box usage, especially since the corrugated and containerboard price increases of 2017-2018 have drawn attention to this cost category. Along with maturing growth in overall e-commerce sales and the US economy’s apparent exit from peak growth, these factors point towards slower e-commerce-driven paper packaging demand growth through 2023,” said Mahlburg.

For the first time, The Impact of E-commerce on North American Paper Packaging Markets establishes metrics that quantify how e-commerce has affected corrugated packaging demand in the US and Canada. These indicators for box intensity, along with other relevant factors, support first-ever forecasts of the evolution of packaging demand in the e-commerce space.

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