PRICING NOTICE: Open consultation on methodology for Asia Recovered Paper and Asia Packaging Paper and Board – final decision

COLOGNE, Germany, May 26, 2022 (PPI Asia) – Fastmarkets RISI has decided to discontinue the assessment for Southeast Asian whiteback coated duplex board and to change the assessments for Southeast Asia fine paper from monthly to quarterly.

The decision has been made following a consultation with industrial participants, which closed on May 20 and can be viewed here.

There were no responses in favor of retaining Southeast Asian whiteback coated duplex board assessments or maintaining quarterly Southeast Asia fine paper assessments.

The final monthly Southeast Asia fine paper assessment will appear on June 24.

After that point the assessments will appear toward the end of the final month of each quarter, on dates that will shortly be confirmed on the Asia Pulp and Paper Price Assessment Schedule.

The Southeast Asian whiteback coated duplex board assessment will continue to be published on a monthly basis until August 26, at which point it will be discontinued.

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