of Pulp, Paper and Wood Products

Fastmarkets RISI supports more than 97% of the world’s forest products producers to help them compete, invest and reduce risk in today’s volatile market.

For over 30 years, Fastmarkets RISI has served as the objective, expert lens into the forest products industry. We are considered the unparalleled intelligence partner for pulp, paper, lumber and wood panel producers competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Our solutions address the entire breadth of the organization’s needs relating to mill engineering and procurement, sales and marketing, and corporate development.

Producers apply Fastmarkets RISI forest products insight to their business to:

  • Reduce risk and apply insight to new opportunities
  • Enhance budgets, plans and forecasts
  • Understand mill competitiveness
  • Strengthen sales and marketing strategy

Reduce Risk and Apply Insight to New Opportunities

  • Evaluate growth trends by grade and region
  • Uncover conversion opportunities for current assets
  • Run scenarios to model future markets
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Enhance Budgets, Plans and Forecasts

  • Build price models into budgets
  • Settle contracts with industry-leading Fastmarkets RISI Indices
  • Identify competitive threats to plans
  • Plan for market capacity fluctuations
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Gain Visibility into Mill Competitiveness

  • Analyze cost and price sensitivity
  • Effectively allocate capital and plan cash flows
  • Measure the impact of merger & acquisition activity
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Strengthen Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Identify more profitable markets and prepare for future demand
  • Understand competitor position and market share
  • Assess the impact of price fluctuations on financial budgeting
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Fastmarkets RISI Insight helps Producers at Every Functional Level

  • Strategy
  • Corporate Development
  • Mill Engineering and Procurement
  • Research & Development
  • Capital Investment
  • Resource Allocation
  • Sales & Marketing
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