Strengthen Sales and Marketing Strategy

Respond quickly to sudden changes in market dynamics, unexpected competitive threats and new opportunities.

Fastmarkets RISI’s news, price and forecast information keeps teams informed of project and market changes. With access to mill intelligence solutions detailing asset costs and efficiency, you can identify opportunities by geographic market or grade. Our economic forecasts and pricing data can also be used to enhance internal market forecasts and financial budget.


Evaluate Viability of Markets for Entry

Fastmarkets RISI offers a comprehensive perspective of every major grade and market to inform how they will grow and contract in reaction to market trends. Our analysis is based on historical data, deep research on current trends and a nearly 30-year old forecasting methodology that is fully integrated across global markets.

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Understand Competitor Positioning and Market Share

With Fastmarkets RISI’s mill intelligence solutions you can evaluate competitors by reviewing their machine productivity, costs and overall market position.  You can also gain a complete picture of the market with economic analysis that includes information on key players in the industry, projects and forecasted demand. With news tailored to your market and region, you can also stay updated on major projects, mergers and acquisitions.

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Assess the Impact of Price Fluctuations on Financial Budgeting

Gain better insight into the impact price fluctuations will have on overall productivity with cost analysis data and scenario building tools. Fastmarkets RISI’s forecasts include projected price, demand and capacity data to enhance your revenue projections and support financial budgeting.

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