Visibility into Mill Competitiveness

Gain a new perspective into mill operations across the industry.

Analyze the cost and price sensitivity of your assets, and how they compare to competitors. Fastmarkets RISI mill intelligence solutions support mill viability analysis and risk assessment. This helps you identify competitive threats and find opportunities for growth. In addition, you can assess competitor efficiency by reviewing comprehensive mill manufacturing process flow sheets, equipment data and input consumption details.


Analyze Cost and Price Sensitivity

Fastmarkets RISI’s cost analysis provides insight into asset efficiency, sensitivity to change in various inputs, and competitive standing. Understand how cost sensitive your assets are compared to other mills with tools that model costs vs. capacity. You can also learn how specific cost fluctuations in consumables, delivery, labor, materials might impact your business in the future.

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Effectively Allocate Capital and Plan Cash Flows

Model planned capacity expansions using integrated news and projects data. With Fastmarkets RISI’s cost scenario modeling, you can project the results of a planned expansion while comparing your position with other mills.

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Measure the Impact of Merger & Acquisition Activity

Identify the best M&A opportunities for your company by analyzing assets and mills most compatible with your grade mix and market strategies. Fastmarkets RISI’s mill intelligence solutions give you the historical data and production details you need to enhance decision making. You can also analyze how M&A activity among your competitors will impact your position in the marketplace by building market simulations that measure the result.

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