Nonwovens Innovation and Technology Review 2013

A Survey and Analysis of U.S. Patents and Applications in the Nonwovens Industry

Nonwovens Innovation and Technology Review

Study Highlights:

  • Complete details on 600 U.S. patents and patent applications issued or filed for in 2012
  • Practical information on key nonwovens applications
  • Analysis of current technology trends and future opportunities in the nonwovens industry
  • Over 100 tables packed with detailed patent data
  • Coverage of patent holders in United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Europe
  • Insights into critical cost-saving measures and environmental solutions
  • Guidance on investment strategies and R&D plans in the nonwovens marketplace

In the fast-changing nonwovens marketplace, an ability to closely track technology trends and developments can mean the difference between success and failure. Understanding the who’s, what’s, and why’s of the latest nonwovens patents and applications is essential knowledge for making sound business decisions.

Created by leading experts in the field, this comprehensive study tracks and analyzes the latest innovations and technology trends in the nonwovens industry. It identifies the most important developments and explains why key patents have the potential to change the nonwovens landscape. Study readers will find complete details on 600 U.S. patents and patent applications issued or filed for in 2012, along with practical information on applications. Patent holders include companies based in: the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Europe.

The study reveals which companies are truly innovating as opposed to just reducing cost or making improvements incrementally. Offering a clear view of industry-shaping innovations, this unique resource helps nonwovens professionals identify and take advantage of critical cost-saving measures, environmental solutions, and new market opportunities.

Over 100 Patent tables offer quick access to key details

  • U.S. patent number
  • Patent title
  • File date
  • Assignee company
  • Patent summary
  • Advantages of the technology
  • Market applications
  • Claims
  • Investment strategy
  • Nonwoven Technology Category
  • Enabling Technologies

Insightful analysis helps identify current trends and future opportunities

Packed with detailed patent data from a wide range of global organizations, this in-depth review provides critical trend analysis and keen insight into the research efforts of the who’s who in the nonwovens marketplace. Readers will find the relevant facts and data needed to establish cost-effective R&D plans and budgets with confidence.

Who will benefit from this study?

  • Nonwovens R&D practitioners
  • Suppliers to the nonwovens market
  • Users of nonwoven materials
  • Distributors/retailers of nonwoven products
  • Nonwovens industry investors and business strategists

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary


  • U.S. Patent Database
    Selection Criteria and Rational

Key Innovations

  • Top Ten Technology Platforms and Key Innovations
  • Summary

Major Trends

  • By Technology
  • By Company
  • By Market Application

Technology Review by Technology Category

  • Summary Assessment
  • Key Patents


  • Patent story summaries for 2012
  • Tables
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