World Sawlog Study 2014

A comprehensive outlook and analysis of sawtimber markets around the globe, with focus on price forecasts for major producing regions by species

2014 World Sawlog Study

2014 World Sawlog Study identifies key insights to help you better understand the impact of accelerated global consumption patterns, including:

  • Analysis of global sawtimber consumption by end-use market and country
  • Historical sawtimber price analysis
  • 10 year sawtimber price forecasts for all major producing regions by species
  • 10 year demand forecast for global saw timber end-use markets
  • Review and forecast of global sawtimber trade
  • Country level forest resource supply assessment
  • Strategic region sawlog harvest demand profiles for US, Canada, China, Japan, India, Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Chile & Uruguay

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Real prices for sawtimber have been at record lows since global harvest demand contracted in the wake of the financial crisis. The US market is now in recovery while China’s need for wood fiber expands well beyond the carrying capacity of its own resources. Given RISI’s outlook for sustained and accelerated growth in global economic activity, significant price gains will likely be observed in many of the primary sawlog producing regions.

Over the next ten years, sawtimber consumption in North America and Western Europe will experience pronounced and even unprecedented growth rates, recovering from the industry’s depression of the last five years. Meanwhile China’s economic performance will necessitate record demand for solid wood products. To accommodate these scenarios, trade patterns will need to adjust for both processed and unprocessed as rising log prices encourage China to deepen its reach into current supply lines. Additionally, Japan’s demand for logs will step down from current levels.

RISI’s new 2014 World Sawlog Study provides a synthesis of global sawtimber markets, detailing end use markets, production, demand, trade and prices of sawtimber by country. The analysis provides unique transparency. It quantifies expected market developments and the implications for global regional sawtimber prices and markets, with assumptions detailed from stump to mill. This ten-year outlook is the compilation of two years of work generated by a team of RISI economists. It is the only study of its kind available in the market today.

Who will benefit from this study?

  • Sawlog Consumers
    • Understand what record global sawtimber demand will mean for future softwood and hardwood log prices at a regional level
    • Assess the effect of rising wood prices on cost competitiveness
    • Determine which countries are the most exposed to industry restructuring and consolidation
  • TIMO/REIT and Other Log Suppliers
    • Assess opportunities for international timber investment
    • Assess resource sawlog supply by country and species
    • Understand how resources will be allocated to accommodate accelerated global demand for solid wood products
    • Determine how trade of sawlogs will adjust to international market developments
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