Global Pellet Demand Outlook Study 2015

A detailed analysis and 10-year forecast of growing wood pellet markets by region

Global Pellet Demand

A detailed analysis and 10-year forecast of growing wood pellet markets by region. Global Pellet Demand Outlook identifies key insights to help you better understand future global pellet demand trends including:

  • Substantial updates to policy in the UK and Netherlands that will influence development of European industrial markets
  • How warm winters and low oil prices have impacted European heating markets
  • Market instability in Korean industrial pellet market, which grew 1200% from 2012-2014 – and after effects of the bubble burst in late 2014
  • Potential policy changes in Japan that could “change the game” and better position this market among global competitors
  • How exchange rates will transform the competitive landscape for producers

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The global wood pellet market remains in a strong growth trajectory but also has a substantial amount of uncertainty with policy changes and headwinds from low global energy commodity prices. The market for wood pellets is mature and diverse market with applications ranging from home heating to displacing coal in some of the largest power plants in the world.

RISI’s new study Global Pellet Demand Outlook analyzes and forecasts growing wood pellet markets through 2025 by region. This study specifically focuses on the European industrial market, European heating market, North American heating market, and the Asian industrial market.

Are you involved in the wood pellet market or financing renewable energy projects?

The study identifies three key insights to help you better understand the future of global pellet demand including:

  • Regions where pellet consumption is expected to increase
  • A review of pellet demand drivers by region
  • 10-year forecasts for global pellet demand

Markets Covered:

European Industrial Markets

  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Other

European Heating Markets

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Other


  • Japan
  • Korea
  • China

North America

  • United States
  • Canada

Who will benefit from this study?

Pellet Producers

  • Identify where pellet demand growth come from
  • Understand how policy changes impact the outlook for pellet demand
  • Know the risks involved with doing business in various regions
  • Identify where there are opportunities for future development

Energy Producers and Utilities

  • Identify who else is looking to buy wood pellets
  • Understand how growth of other markets impact your ability to procure pellet fuel
  • Know opportunities and risks presented by European heating markets and emerging Asian industrial markets

Financial Institutions and Timberland Investors

  • Understand the demand side risks of financing a wood pellet operation
  • Identify pellet producing regions that have the best opportunity to capitalize on market expansion
  • View projections on how big will pellet markets get and what impact growth will have on timber pricing in pellet producing regions

Conventional Forest Product Producers

  • Know the type of scale the global wood pellet market will reach
  • Understand how increased fiber demand by pellet producers impact your costs
  • Identify regions that will be most impacted
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