China Timber Supply Outlook

The 6th Edition of Fastmarkets RISI's analysis of China's timber demand and supply, including imports of logs, lumber, woodchips, and pulp by source.

As the world’s largest importer of logs and woodfiber, China’s search for timber has a global impact. See how the domestic and imported timber supply base will evolve with the 6th edition of this Fastmarkets RISI Special Study.

The China Timber Supply Outlook shows you:

  • China’s Timber Supply Deficit
    • Historical trends in China’s need for imported woodfiber, in the form of logs, lumber, wood panels, woodchips and pulp
    • Drivers of demand for wood products and pulp
    • Analysis and forecast of timber supply deficit to 2022 and 2027
  • Price Trends for Imports
    • Historical average prices for imports of softwood and hardwood logs, softwood and hardwood lumber, woodchips and wood pulp
  • Analysis of China’s Imported Woodfiber Supply Chain
    • Overview of China’s total forest products trade, including trends in trade balance by product group
    • Import volumes by supplying countries of all key products, with at least ten-year history
    • Includes softwood and hardwood logs, softwood and hardwood lumber, wood panels (plywood, MDF, particleboard, and OSB), and wood pulp
    • Exports from China of wood panels, wooden furniture and flooring
  • Review of China’s Domestic Forest Resources
    • Outlook for domestic timber harvest trends, which will dictate continued reliance on imported timber and related products

Who uses the China Timber Supply Outlook?

Timberland Investors and Plantation Owners

  • Review major trends and understand expected growth in the market driving forest products and wood fiber trade globally.

Trading Companies

  • Plan for future trade with in-depth background on where China’s future imports will come from.

Integrated Forest Products Producers

  • Understand how demand has changed for pulp and wood products over the last few years, and areas where demand is expected to grow.
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