Big Book 2020

The buyers and sellers directory of the forest products industry

Order now and pay only $299* per book for the most accurate and most used directory in the North American softwood forest products industry.

Please note: due to COVID-19, the shipping of new orders for the 2020 Big Book may be slightly delayed. We will deliver your book as soon as possible.

Buyers and sellers depend on Big Book for information about producers, re-manufacturers, and distributors of softwood forest products, and key personnel. Nearly 85% of this year’s listings have been updated, allowing you to:

  • Locate hard to find products or services.
  • Expand your customer or supplier base.
  • Find the location, phone number and contact for new mills

The 2020 Big Book includes:

  • 700+ updated pages
  • More than 3,600 detailed, comprehensive company listings, including: services provided, mill numbers, products handled, and other capabilities
  • A 49 page personnel index with more than 14,000 names and company affiliations
  • A handy geographic cross reference location index
  • Complete company, personnel, location, website, and grading agency indexes
  • Detailed Lumber, Studs, and Plywood Product Finders, and Specialty Products lists


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Publication date is February 2020.

*All prices are per copy of the book. Per copy shipping & handling charges added: U.S., $17.00; Canada, $80.00 ($30 shipping + $50 customs brokerage fees); Overseas, $52.00.

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