The Chinese Graphic Paper Market: Recent Trends and Future Prospects under Changing Circumstances

A 10-Year forecast of graphic paper market developments in China by paper grade and end-use

China Graphic Paper

The study includes:

  • In-depth coverage of China’s graphic paper markets
  • Analysis of recent developments in China’s graphic paper end-use markets
  • 10-year forecasts on demand, supply and pricing trends
  • Current cost positions of China’s major graphic paper producers
  • Risk assessments in the forecast that consider an alternative, slower macroeconomic growth scenario
  • Research on recent government policy and its potential impacts on future policy

Analysis of factors contributing to slowed growth in China’s shifting graphic paper market with a ten-year forecast by paper grade and end use.

In China, graphic paper markets have transformed because of increased use of electronic media and economic restructuring. In recent years, China has undergone many changes that are hindering the graphic paper industry. Economic growth has slowed from 9-10% per year in 2009-2010 to close to 7% per year in 2014-2015 — as the government seeks to reorient the economy from investment driven growth to consumption driven growth. This, combined with a major shift toward digital media usage has also slowed Chinese graphic paper demand growth. Fastmarkets RISI estimates that demand declined 1-2% per year from 2014-2015, a strong contrast to the 6-7% demand growth that the market experienced from 2009-2010.

Understand the current situation and identify grades with the most promising outlook

Prepare for changes in global market conditions driven by the current situation in China. This study identifies end-use markets and graphic paper grades that have been most affected. With the included forecasts, you can also understand what how markets will most likely respond over the next ten years.

The Chinese Graphic Paper Market: Recent Trends and Future Prospects Under Changing Circumstances gives a fresh perspective on this market and expands upon Fastmarkets RISI’s 2011 edition. The new ten-year forecast projects how the end-use structure, global and regional macroeconomic developments, and new government policies will affect future graphic paper growth. Within this study, you will also find cost details for major graphic paper producers and an evaluation of their cost competitiveness.

China’s Graphic Paper Markets includes in-depth detail and updated consumption trends for the following end use markets in China:

  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Professional Journals & Magazines
  • Office Papers
  • Catalogs
  • Retail Inserts
  • Professional Journals & Magazines
  • Directories
  • Direct Mail Flyers
  • Notebooks
  • Label & Wrapping Papers
  • Carbonless
  • Thermal
  • Other Converting and Specialties in Chinese Markets

Who will benefit from this study?

Graphic Paper Producers

  • Review recent developments in China’s graphic paper markets and plan for expected changes in demand, consumption and production growth
  • Analyze factors contributing to slowed growth that will impact future demand and profitability
  • Access updated information on consumption trends for various end-use markets to better identify grades that are at greater risk or have greater opportunities
  • Understand the competitive environment by reviewing competitive cost position of major graphic paper producers

Pulp Suppliers into China

  • Gain an outlook on expected graphic paper production for China’s market to analyze potential pulp demand
  • Identify paper grades most impacted by recent developments to seek opportunity for future supply
  • Review mill capacity estimates and understand competitive standing of prospective mills


  • Access in-depth coverage of recent trends in China’s graphic paper markets to identify opportunities and challenges for further investments
  • Analyze various outcomes with a risk assessment to the forecast that includes a slower, alternative macroeconomic growth scenario
  • Research recent and potential government policies impacting this market

China’s Macroeconomics Outlook through 2025

An Overview of China’s Graphic Paper Market

  • Economic and Demographic Development Through 2025

Part II: A Detailed Overview of China’s Paper Industry

  • Grade Definitions
  • Recent Market Trends
  • Leading Producers in China’s Graphic Paper Industry

Main End-Use Market of Graphic Paper

  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Professional Journals & Magazines
  • Office Papers
  • Commercial printing
  • Catalogs
  • Directories
  • Inserts
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyer
  • Converting & Specialities
  • Notebook
  • Labels & wrapping papers
  • Envelopes
  • Carbonless Paper
  • Thermal Paper
  • Others

Demand Drivers and Forecast in 2015-2025

  • Graphic Paper Demand Forecast by Grade
  • Graphic Paper Demand Forecast by End-Use
  • Professional Journals & Magazines

Main Distribution Channels for China’s Graphic Paper

  • Newsprint
  • Uncoated Woodfree Paper
  • Paper Used for Book Printing
  • Base Papers of Converting Paper
  • Office Paper
  • Coated Woodfree Paper
  • Uncoated Mechanical Paper
  • Supercalendered Paper
  • Lightweight Bulky Book Paper
  • Directory Paper
  • Coated Mechanical Paper
  • National Agents of China’s Graphic Paper

Graphic Paper Producers in China and Their Cost Competitiveness

  • Capacity
  • Machine Assets
  • Fiber Sources
  • Cost Competitiveness

Trends in China’s World Trade

  • Analysis of Trade Trends
  • Exports and Imports by Grade and Destination
  • Specific Analysis of Tariffs
  • Chinese Share of Offshore Markets and Historical Trends by Grades
  • Projection of China’s Trade on Graphic Paper

Graphic Paper Prices in Chinese Market: Historical and Forecast

  • Price Trends for Some Key Graphic Paper Products in China
  • Comparison of Prices to Other World Markets
  • Forecast of Prices in China

Risk Analysis

  • Alternative Economic Scenario
  • Policy


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